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By Tse-Lok Ho

From reports of past volumes:

''Essential for chemistry collections on the college and study levels.'' —New York Public Library

''Highly urged . . . plenty of succinct, sensible info on contemporary advancements . . . in a layout that's effortless to take advantage of. The reagents are taken up in alphabetical order (common utilization names, no longer CAS indexing code names), occasionally a number of to a web page, occasionally a number of pages to a reagent. it is easy to anticipate finding how one can make the reagent (in unfastened terms), or the place it may be obtained, what it really is sturdy for, and the place to hunt whole info. As with past volumes, one could take advantage of simply shopping, whether one doesn't suppose a necessity to seem up any specific topic. it's therefore a secondary functionality of the ebook to aid one retain abreast of the sphere, and it'd be a unprecedented chemist who wouldn't study anything new and beneficial from an informal perusal of the pages.'' —Journal of the yank Chemical Society

REAGENTS FOR natural SYNTHESIS quantity 1 1967 (0-471-25875-X) 1,475 pp. quantity 2 1969 (0-471-25876-8) 538 pp. quantity three 1972 (0-471-25879-2) 401 pp. quantity four 1974 (0-471-25881-4) 660 pp. quantity five 1975 (0-471-25882-2) 864 pp. quantity 6

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15, 26-2'l ; 16, 24-25; 17, 28-30; 18, Alkylations. t With allenyltributylstannane the products are homopropargyl alcohols. i/ (slBlNOL-Ti(lv) sneu" \r( -\r i-PrS-BEt2 t"r ')lf,r 86'/" (94% ee) R / Bu3Sri - \ (slBlNOL-Ti(lv) SnBu3 i-PrS-BEtz RCHO f-\ Bu3sri p ,Fo* . llr H @ Srrr b f t! } Lr Ilt fE r. , Kim, S. S. CC 2749 (1998). schan, A. S. -W. "/ACS119,4080 (1997). nlipshutz, B. , Carrico, I. Zl, 38, 753 (1997). , Koga, N. 24 38, 1951 (1997). , Morishima, H. TL3E,579 (1997). 'Posner, G. , Bull, D.

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